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WaferPro understands the need for top level purity and thus offers superior Float Zone Silicon technology to the growing needs of its clients. The world’s need for highly efficient products can only be met by super pure Float Zone (FZ) Wafers, and rest assured as this is exactly what we have to offer.


Float Zone Silicon is extremely pure silicon that serves as an alternative to crystals obtained from the previously used Czochralski process. Float Zone Wafers do not have any baggage when compared to wafers made from Czochralski’s method and offers a great number of advantages that makes it ideal for applications such as solar chips, RF circuits and accurate power devices. FZ silicon has a very low concentration of oxygen and carbon impurities however its mechanical strength is improved by deliberately adding nitrogen to it. Well suited for applications where clock cycles in the order of tera are required, FZ Silicon Wafers are ideal for use in power devices and sensors.

Types of FZ Wafer

Similar to our policy with SOI wafers, FZ wafers are offered with great customizability and the parameters are greatly flexible as per your needs.


For FZ wafers, WaferPro offers diameters of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 inches using methods:

  • FZ
  • NTD FZ
  • GD FZ
  • HiRES FZ


We offer Float Zone Wafers with resistivity ranging in between 1 – 30,000+ Ohms/cm, therefore, there is very little chance that we don’t pack what your produce requires.


Below is an example of WaferPro’s standard product:

Growth Method:                          Float Zone
Diameter:                                      100 mm
Type/Dopant:                                N/Ph
Orientation:                                  <1-0-0>
Resistivity:                                     >10,000 ohm-cm
Thickness:                                      525±10 µm
Finish:                                              Single Side Polished
Flats:                                                Two SEMI Standard Flats
BOW/WARP:                                   <20 µm
TTV:                                                  <5 µm