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How silicon wafers are cleaned

Silicon Wafers

The semiconductor manufacturing industry is responsible for most of the electrical and electronic appliances that we are fond of. It is the driving force behind such big companies like Samsung Electronics and Intel. Even though the final product…

About Silicon Wafers


About Silicon Wafers Silicon wafers are tiny electronic brains that are the basis for microchips. They are always very complex to design and manufacture, and are used in televisions, stereos, watches, cars, phones, traffic lights, nearly every appliance…

What is a silicon wafer? What is it used for?


It is possible that most people have come across and even used a silicon wafer in their day to day lives. It may not have been deliberate; however, for people who have utilized devices such as computers and…

What is a Semiconductor Wafer?


What is a semiconductor wafer? A semiconductor wafer is a thin slice of semiconductor substance, like crystalline silicon, used in electronics for the making of integrated circuits. In the electronics jargon, a thin slice of semiconductor material is…

Silicon Chips: Their Uses and How They Are Made


Silicon Chips Uses: A silicon chip is an integrated circuit that serves as the primary component of all computing devices. As the name suggests, silicon chips are made primarily from silicon. A substance that is only second to…

Silicon Wafer Supplier – WaferPro


What are silicon wafers? Silicon Wafers, Computers, cellphones, solar panels, you name it. Electronic devices are everywhere and there’s no sign of the world shifting to another technology any time soon. Silicon forms the basis of almost each…

Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Wafer – Characteristics and Applications


Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Wafer – Characteristics and Applications Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafer were introduced in 1978 as an alternative technology due to their high speeds, error-reduction, low power usage, improved scaling and their immunity to latch-up.…

Float Zone Wafer – Characteristics and applications


What is a float zone wafer? A float zone wafer a product created through the float zone method. Float zone is a method that is used to grow the silicon crystals. It is a product of a wafer…